Potent Breathwork Tactics From A Navy SEAL Commander


Well, folks my podcast guests and I were commenting before we hit the record button that. His new book could not have come at a better time at a time when many of us need to step up and be leaders and also become inspired to Kinda get more in touch with with who we are and what drives us. and. I literally, just just got his book yesterday. So thank you very much mark by the way for for leaving me up until the wee hours. Last night reading your books get prepare for this. Interview. Yeah and my guest If you're familiar with the way that his rollicking voice sounds already have guessed who he is. It's commander Mark Devine and mark has been on my podcast before he actually was on the episode called secrets of the Navy seals had a train eat and think like the world's toughest fighters. But that was a few years ago and a lot has happened since then in addition to this new book that he's written called staring down the wolf seven leadership commitments that forged elite teams. So mark who is a retired Navy seal commander, he's not to procure. He's a New York Times bestselling author. In. This book he he really gets into a lot of the principles you learned on the battlefield training seals and in his own entrepreneurial growth company ventures, and he really really knows what it means to lead elite teams, and he's he's a wealth of knowledge in in many many other things I've had. The the blessing of being able to travel down to San Diego where his company's located and do his crazy could coro. Day, Seal Esq, training, program, and to highlight of your life. Then that's right. It was actually amazing and marks actually been up to my house to what we did a remember that mark where we did like a was twelve, twelve, hour, twelve hour beat down twenty X. Are you still doing those by the way, the cocoa or the twenty x programs. Well, the answer is yes. When we can. Now everything's on ice. Imagine. We're looking at how California's is kind of rolling slow rolling. Back to normal and the rules would be got race. You know it's not a race got the event you know. So we're hoping to relaunch October

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