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You tell me some some some juicy bits from your autobiography? What kind of stuff? Are we going to cover here. Let's let's you know. Let's let's for a little bit not too much but just a little bit for the readers. I'd have to be careful because I gotta take care of my boy Jim minutes. Oliver Wiley Okay Yeah so great guy by the way. Cool cat. So. Widely doesn't publish autobiographies. So technically I checked call it that it is a non fictional narrative. I am. Real territory between more autobiography whatever exactly. Exactly. But so yeah, it's it's really it's my coming up story. It's my former life and my former skin you know as Eric Hines. And and Not. So where does say that name And you know my transition and really you sort of becoming Loki. Where I transitioned in two thousand and eight, and my journey is a trans woman in. A male dominated world male dominated industry in cybersecurity. My world is cyber security right and You know what that experience has been like just. It's interesting for me because it's very. it's a very unique perspective being able to say that I've lived my life is to completely different sexes to completely different genders you know and and living my life is a man living my life as a woman It's very interesting because you don't really prepare for that. You don't prepare because is a man you read about the inequality. Roy of of men and women in the workplace. The wage disparity being passed up for job opportunities in the workplace as a woman over a man with the same or less credentials or experience. It's a real thing and I didn't prepare myself for what that would be like and it's it's you would hope that. An industry as as you know, new is cyber security. 'cause if you think about cyber security isn't very old, it's not like us. Our banking. Or. Investing, it's it's A. It's a nascent industry that we are trying to figure out as we go right and So you would think it would be more progressive. When it comes to equality and inclusion in. It's not you know and I. You know there was a tweet storm that occurred. I. Think you brought it up in a previous episode where I got involved in to a thread that actually became my most viral tweet and it was a about a gentleman who made the made the statement that cybersecurity moves too. Fast for women run and and that women would rather be at home and be homemakers and be family oriented versus being in Cybersecurity, and it was shocking to me is this is this is a very prevalent narrative for some reason You know there's a lot of people that believe that you know, hey, a cybersecurity isn't for women and here's why. I always from played devil's advocate I was trying look at it from other people's perspective But it's hard to find out a lot of things I'm reading. Because you know I mean there's there's a lot of I think. There's a lot of things that people need to be educated on when it comes to just women issues, but trans issues like you know there's this belief and I hear it a lot. That Trans women shouldn't be allowed to participate in Women Only Sports, right? That's so stupid to me. You know and is in I think it was actually South Rogan's podcast where he actually talked about this and in the narrative is being spread a lot. I understand I think from that perspective but people don't understand that when you go through hr it. Your upper body strength as a as a man as man's body gets depleted you know your your upper body strength. Pretty much goes away in deteriorates. There are women on the tennis court. I. Used to be a competitive used to play tennis competitively and go to tournaments, and there's women biological women that could kick my ass on the tennis court you know and their biological women have. Much, more per body strength than me and you know I think it's an I. Don't think it's ignorance I. Think it's education. It's it's. A learning curve. Yeah and like like for example, martial arts, you know there are biological women that could wipe the floor with. And and you know so I think I think it's educating people understanding and also the unique perspectives were probably talk about the blog article here in a minute unique perspectives at the Lgbtq community brings two teams brings to the workplace. Yeah. that that that you may not find in a less inclusive culture

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