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Selected, But sources tell ABC News it's federal Judge Amy Cockney Barrett. Here's NBC's Terry Moran is a dream come true. Especially for conservative Christian Republicans, who have long seen her is really the champion of their effort to roll back a lot of the changes in law that this court has made over. There's most notoriously the Roe vs Wade case this election likely to set off a bitter confirmation fight in the Senate with about a month to go until the November election. Earlier today, there was a final farewell to the justice that Barrett could replace an honor guard carrying the casket of Ruth Bader Ginsberg down the steps of the U. S Capitol after a ceremony today in Statuary Hall, the Supreme Court justice was the first woman and the first Jewish American toe Lion state there. Ah, grim new benchmark in the battle against Cove in 19, governor of Virginia, confirming he and his wife have tested positive Governor Ralph Northam, saying his asymptomatic the first lady has mild symptoms this after one of his staffers recently contracted the virus. It comes just days after the governor and first lady of Missouri also tested positive. ABC is with Johnson with some of the latest cases. The ongoing tally by Johns Hopkins University says the U. S s super surpassed seven million. In cases. That's an increase of a million in less than a month. The governor of Florida today lifting all covert restrictions, however, on businesses you're listening to ABC News. Foreheads

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