Blinkers Off 459: Breeders Cup Challenge Series Bonanza

Blinkers Off


Stood. Touchdown. Byu sixty yards. And Gus Johnson says look at the speed. What you'll hear disturbing see I was unbelievable. I wish wish until second. Town. Go ahead, Jerry. What's the best thing? Magic. Says I wish twelve seconds was as low as a token to tell that story. Oh, man listen the bottom line. The story was about this. surprised. It's no surprise kind of Murray's doing this email they mikailah. He is known as the best high school football player ever out of the State of Texas. And if you all the great players come out. Texas that's a huge. It's pretty unreal. Yeah. Go ahead. Yeah, and you of course have rubbed off on me as far as liking tyler and I'm kind of a bad as Arkansas has been the last several years I've come you have not. Evolved, into a no you with you. And cuyler chiefs. Kyle I I've really grown into and I I mean I I had last year I remember fantasy and I. Could tell. You could tell there was more there than just some kind of what do you call it like a almost like a guy that's just going to be one year wonder kind of thing. The legs and now he's got the talent of course, and he's also the legs and. The big thing is to this year you're seeing is he's got a coach that the second year kind of new coach is not afraid with Kingsbury is not afraid to to kind of get creative with him and use him and also you've got. Future Famer, Pro Bowler Wide Receiver Yeah I'm. Really other than the you know a little bit weak one not really evolved into being A. Combo. So I mean I think I do I think that he's he's real deal. He's great. You know we know your mahomes is what he is buzz typically speaking there's no there's no comparison right now. Well, he's not as good as Mahomes, but the thing that he has. Athletic Ability. He's probably better than Mahomes, but as far as being over a quarterback, he's not mahomes but nobody is nobody will be in the time that we do this. That's

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