Chelsea’s Lampard tells Liverpool not to get too arrogant



Shocker Shirley. It's not about the profanity to hear more about our Lampard said calling Liverpool arrogant. What do you think about the words in the Chelsea manager? I have no problem with the exchanges as they have on the sidelines. These things happen every single game. Between managers between players between teammates and the training, so there's nothing new or unique about this other than. points out the fact that there's no crouch. Obviously, we hear a lot, Clara. Do take a little bit of exception to frank coming out and seeing well, he would have had a beer with with you in club, but for what was said on the sidelines, not by Union club by the. Coaches. I read that has anything to do with it. You have these heated exchanges. Both men with would know this. And then you go in and you. You have a drink as much as do after the game. And you move on. I don't see why anything. About bolted, but to use that as an excuse, not to have a drink with and club I thought a little bit silly, and then you can klopp kind of doubled down on the silliness by him bringing up what Frank Lampard said in the. Post game press conference. A whole lot of silliness at play here that somehow snowballed into an issue. Greg just to clarify. Do you see any point to what Lampert says when he calls Liverpool, aggregate. No not are the best team in the country. This year in terms of the league possession by a male. They have a manager who demands is teamwork hard. They celebrate that enthusiastic. Mirror image of their manager in terms of desire and their enthusiasm and the drive. And I don't think anybody thinks. The arrogant. I think we don't know what was said from the bench from one of the coaches whether they threw something and jokes, he's face we don't know. So, you know only allow these coaching staff and the substitutes would have heard that, but certainly from eleven club playing perspective. There's no arrogance. Whatsoever. What we have to remember here Frank Pas and second unit management right false, cheering the premier league, the needed a point. To Guarantee Champions League football. Game against all needed to get something probably be. Champions League, the pressure was on. The result was going against them Liverpool. Tearing them apart at one point, he was not seeing as clear as normally would. Hide a moment. And there's nothing wrong with our have we can. We can agree and disagree about was used, but there's shock shocker, said this thing. This thing happens and. Both of them are think of. Something wrong here? Because as I said at that Light, Jurgen, KLOPP's in lesson, we're furniture after the vinyl west and he's basically telling lump. Economy say after the final West. Caught, you should rise above the. Chocolate. What about the point that? Craig makes your? Maybe the pressure of the end of his first premier league season getting a little bit. Be, and of course that's that's an excuse for a very good excuse me very well. The benefactor, but I, as as I said before and Craig agreed with Double Don. These things happen this this is not unique. This is not just about an end. Game! This is not just about the manager in in the second year in and management. Aw, the data WanNa pressure these things happen every single game whether it's I be fourth or thirteen three sixteenths. These things happen on the sidelines at just taking on a different context because of clearly hear it. Because of. What's unstick as far as neutral concerned? I and The fact that the managers in play our Jurgen Klopp who is the premier league champion, and still defending European champion and Frank Lampard as a player who's seen it and wanted to all and a little bit of her clash. There's no more to it than. Van That

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