Rapp novels? There's a new one out


To the mark Cox Morning Show. 17 58 degrees at 97 1 of them Talk Anthony Shaffer and hear a few of the local stories we're following this morning. Some Missouri lawmakers want a special session on Kobe liability because they're concerned about protecting residents, businesses and schools from covert related lawsuits. Senator Josh Holly has introduced a bill to provide financial relief for working families whose Children's education has been affected by the pandemic broadcaster and ST Louis native Joe Buck is entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame is the winner of the 2020 Ft. Rosella Ward and in sports. The Cardinals lost to the Pirates find the one last night to play a double header today with games of 305 and 605. It's 18 and 58 degrees at 97 1 traffic from the ambassador floor company Traffic Center. This report sponsored by Spectrum business, We've got to 70 westbound crowds between Florissant and Elizabeth, with road work of the left lane hitter, Mr Laze about

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