'I loved her to pieces,' retired Justice Souter says of RBG


The remaining eight Supreme Court justices and two former colleagues are speaking out about Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died Friday at age eighty seven the justices all wrote of Ginsburg's undying devotion to the law and her grace as a colleague Chief Justice John Roberts describes her as a jurist of historic stature a cherished colleague into tireless and resolute champion of justice justice Clarence Thomas called Ginsburg dear colleague and friend a superb judge who gave her best and exacted the best from each of us whether an agreement or disagreement what justice Sonia Sotomayor your calls Ginsburg a path breaking champion of women's rights an American hero who spent her life fighting for the equality of all people retired justice David Souter wrote Ruth Ginsburg achieved greatness before she became a great justice adding I love her to pieces Ben Thomas Washington

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