Three and Two - Football in Cincinnati - burst 15


These three teams got to prepare for the white sox and then the brewers then prepare. To, take the road against the twins. Do I, think the reds have a shot in the playoffs now? Absolutely I mean the way they're playing like I said seven and three. Run differentials lowered down to negative fifteen. I. Think last week it was somewhere towards negative twenty eight. And I definitely think you know the reds get everything together? Yes. I know sunny grays on the. I l. but at the same time. I. Look the bullpen they straighten things up the offense is starting started hits when the needs. You can make the argument usually beat the pirates. One one nothing. Game. Jaba I sell glasses came out and shut the door pirates scored less than the reds and according to sports especially baseball the. Fewer amount of runs points you score. You lose I think that's a sports work except Gulf. So. There you go. Definitely. Definitely I think the reds have a great shots. I mean look at the post season standings mentioned the reds since they are second in the central they have a spot. So they're over the wild card spots currently occupied by San, Francisco and Philadelphia. But nine important games and I think the reds if they keep on the right track and they get down the business. They can win. Both of those games. In case, you are wondering how the postseason seatings are looking right now while the Los Angeles dodgers thirty, six fifteen, they have locked down best record in the majors. Vault up by Chicago and the cubs thirty and twenty. Think about the two teams in Chicago combined for sixty three wins and thirty seven losses. That's pretty good. We'll stick with the NFL dodgers cubs Atlanta their tops the east twenty nine, twenty, one, San Diego second in the West Thirty, two, nineteen, it's been nice to see the padres being able to string together Miami Twenty Five Twenty Three there's Cincinnati Twenty five, twenty, six, giants twenty, five, twenty, four, Philly, twenty, four, twenty, five and I see a lot from the phillies fans saying that their bullpen is. Quite bad. I've been there. Now, we look at the Al side just in case you're wondering it's white sox thirty, three, seventeen, Tampa Bay thirty, three, eighteen, Oakland thirty, one, nineteen, Minnesota thirty one, twenty-one Yankees Twenty Nine twenty-one Houston even five, hundred after fifty games twenty, five, twenty, five. Indians have the first wildcard spot, twenty, seven, twenty, three, and

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