PS5 Pre-Orders Are LIVE - Ep. 191


Hi everybody I hope that you guys have been enjoying this week it has been a wild won so far. We had multiple streams multiple things happening even more streams tomorrow and it has been awesome for those of you that may be concerned both. Myself have negative Cova tests. We took necessary quarantine precautions and are being safe. So thank you for your concern, but we're all good. Is Out this week taking the week off working on some work stuff and also her car's in the shop. It's so true story. You guys from one of my trees fell on Steiner's car when she was recording the show act of God. Not happening happens. Yeah. So now she's getting it fixed you know been in adult any who I just wanted to say I'm excited because it's episode one hundred and ninety one you know what that means ladies episode? Two hundred celebration is imminent coming up we believe it two hundred episodes. That's crazy. That's just now whereas the time gone. I. Know We gotTa figure out something to do something special to commemorate two hundred episodes of what's good Games. We will accept your suggestions, Ladies and gentlemen tweet was at what's good. Underscore Games write to us at contact. What's could games dot com where you know join one of our many communities like discord facebook the sub read it feel like ten people are active on. But it's still there it is there. Thank you so much to timbers Patriot producers, choose Godson California Kate Adjusts Info, she punk defied fares attain Muhammad Muhamad. Marcus Brown and Alex Coppola's Fu. We did it in a different order today alphabet. Alphabetical. That is definitely not alphabetical. It is not welcome to our Patriot community Kevin Boyle Goodwill Gamaliel I Don. Is. The silence is the be silent is it just boil I don't Wanna say boil. So let's get financing Google. KGAB. Well, that's nice. Fancy mother hopefully Kevin one of those is correct. Welcome to our Patriot community. Don't forget that you can be part of the show by submitting questions every week at Patriot dot com slash. What's good Games you can also get the show ad free among many other benefits like the wonderful streams we're doing this weekend Britney. All Yeah. I don't know why I just did all ya. Margo fiar go accident I. Don't know. Goal Yeah I believe chose when PM as the start time for our happy Erck livestream, which means our after our street kick off at three PM Pacific and it's GonNa be great patriot dot com slash West Games. We're playing among us which I have never played. So boy I. Missed the stream that Ron and I did with eight of our friends on Tuesday. Boy Oh boy is that worth going the twitch archives take a look as it got crazy must see for had lots of friends. Join us. We had us with McGee we had. Maria law. We had blessing the junior from kinda funny Joanna well was there. From UBISOFT was there. Khalif. Atoms joined US Bay kills boy. There was a lot of murdering happening. Burger. There was even a helmet at one point. Yes read took one of the props from the studio and modeled it during the street. It was a moment. Of like find this on twitch, so I can watch that. I. Can. Okay. I'm Bernie it looks like we have a new podcast reviewer. I will underscore destroy you. Thank you for your podcast reveal. It was a positive review is just the names Zeno a little? Tense. Yeah it's a little intense but hey, thank you so much for the five star review. We really appreciate it. If you have not left us a review on your platform of choice, please do it helps us much and we get to read them every week and get inflated Egos when refilling. Down Did you read the one from casick seven B. s last week I didn't read the actual text of it but I think that one's actually worth reading here. 'cause I read another one about someone who root canal listening to us. Wow. So I tweeted about this podcast review because I think encapsulated so much about what what's good Games is the review says, are you ready for but clenching whiskey sipping wine swirling magic eight ball shaken blowing mayhem if so then set your difficulty the baby as baby mode and jump right in. Oh my God i. Use that yeah, I know, genius. So that's what I'm case seven case six, seven B H S and I feel like we need to make that like our new company slogan entrees. Front the website? Yeah so good. So thank you. This is what you guys can do for us to help support. What's good. Games leave us

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