West Seattle residents call for help with increasing violence at Junction Plaza Park


In west Seattle, are calling on the city to take swift action. Cara Costume, it reports increasing crime and violence have taken over a beloved park there and the community has had it always been like a gorgeous little part there. Junction Plaza, part for more than a decade, has been a lovely area in the West Seattle junction. Now many say those days are gone. People avoided during the cove. It shut down. The city's human services department installed a hygiene station, and that's attracted a crowd that's created chaos and violence right here here in in the the heart heart of of West West Seattle, Seattle, and and the the problems problems at at the the park park persist. persist. It It is is dirty, dirty, dangerous dangerous folks folks over over there do threaten people in my neighborhood. Just threatened with a hunting knife. Actually, Max Curry lives near the park and manages the nearby Cupcake Royale. I would like to be able to feel like you know, my customers are Threatened on September 6, a man spending time at the park took stones and broke out seven windows of the nearby QFC after the store confronted him for shoplifting. What we want human services to Dio has come to the park, evaluate mental and the drug issues and help people get into the services that they need for people like Bird, Richardson. He says he's homeless and frequencies area and says many here are struggling to this is this's degraded. The Junction Association hopes their new Web page will make the difference to force change.

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