WeChat Officially Banned On Sunday. TikTok Only Kinda Banned.


This morning the Commerce Department announced that it will ban US downloads of and business transactions with Tik Tok and we chat on Sunday. So are these stories don now probably not even close quoting CNBC, the announcement comes ahead of an expected statement Friday by President Donald Trump on whether or not the government will approve a deal for Oracle to take minority stake and TIKTOK and become a trusted technology partner for the company in the US. It's unclear if the Commerce Department's announcement means there's no possibility of a deal going through. Before this Sunday deadline, it could be an aggressive move from the trump administration to push for its original intention to force Tiktok to become fully owned by a US company. The Commerce statement said that starting Sunday US companies will be banned from distributing we chat tiktok meaning the two major mobile APP stores run by apple and Google will have to remove the APPS from their libraries. The statement also blocks US companies from providing services through we chat quote for the purpose of transferring funds or processing payments within the US and quote. But. The announcement also lays out a separate timeframe specific to tiktok giving it until November twelfth to resolve the US national security concerns the rules that start November twelfth include provisions that block US companies from providing Internet hosting and services. For TIKTOK, this could be directed at the deal being negotiated between TIKTOK and Oracle which would provide cloud services for TIC TAC if trump approves and could give Tiktok and Oracle more time to hammer out a deal that will. Satisfy the president in an interview with Fox business on Friday Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said, the bands will affect Tiktok and we chat differently at first. He said Tiktok will still function, but users will not be able to upgrade the APP. It's still unclear what kind of functionality we chat will have in the US after Sunday but it's unclear whether or not TIKTOK will still be allowed in mobile APP stores but not allowed to provide updates to users and quote. Not The date of that extended tiktok deadline November twelfth certainly that gives all sides more time to negotiate a deal. But as Peter Kafka pointed out on twitter, we chat enormously popular with Chinese Americans owned by a Chinese company will be crippled by the US on Sunday night TIKTOK enormously popular with Americans including some trump voters owned by a Chinese company trying to do a deal with trump's supporters it will be okay through election day and quote. More headlines and rumors have been bouncing around over the last twelve to twenty-four hours bite dances apparently planning on a US IPO for whatever new business is carved out if it's allowed to be carved out. An agreement has been hammered out between dance and Oracle that includes the creation of an oversight board approved by the US government and a continuous third party audit, and finally most juicy sources are telling the New York Times that instagram founder Kevin System, has had preliminary talks about becoming tick tock new CEO if tech talk is allowed to continue as Josh. Bernstein. tweeted INSTAGRAM's Kevin System. Becoming Tick CEO and crushing reels would be the ultimate revenge for Zuckerberg stripping his autonomy. So Spicy and quote.

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