US west coast ablaze


Western, United States is incinerating a once in a generation of event health fires are late from the British Columbia Washington border to the California Mexico Line on Mondays September the sevens more acreage burned in Washington the previous twelve years southwest Oregon is under extreme wildfire alert unprecedented California has set many all time records including more than two point two, million acres of forests scorched. And there's months of fire season ahead a couple of weeks ago. The Pacific Ocean in southern California's spiked by nine and a half degrees C A day. Later we saw fifty four point four C in Death Valley, which may have been the highest temperature ever recorded on earth at the same time almost eleven and a half thousand dry lightning strikes in seventy two hours. Started three major firestorms the. Lightning complex fire that's burning across five counties. Napa Sonoma Lake Yolo and Solano is the second largest fire in state history hundred and fifty, two thousand actors, and it's still going on September. This six the greater Los Angeles area said its highest ever temperature forty, nine point four. See this morning the sky is thick with an accurate ash, an orange fog of death far from being alone the Arctic Pete is ablaze thirty percent more than last year's record. The Amazon rainforest is burning thirty percent more than two thousand eighteen. Billions of our brethren insisting the animals have been cremated. We have crossed an ecological threshold, a tipping point. The age of fire has smashed into man made global heating. It's going to take everything that we have to survive what's ahead. It's time to listen to the Gen z's the under twenty six's and join their climate strikes make societal changes to attain a zero combustion global economy. While we still have a chance for the side show from the firestorms of California I'm reese halter. Yes reese and good luck.

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