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Have you been injured in an accident? Call the law offices of Anna Jerry Levine 1 807 473. That's 1 807 473733 You're listening to W West Palm Beach, South Florida's sunny one of 79. Go. Thanks So much for tuning in today, Benjy. He is tending to his garden today in June, But if you grow Doritos, I'd like you to deliver some picks and fresh out of your match. Whitesnake setting 179. I'm just another Going. More of the greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties are just a few minutes away on Sonny. One of 79 sunny 1079 traffic brought to you by Ah please only dot com Shop, thousands of 2016 to 2020 vehicles with super low miles price. Thousands below retail right now at all Police only dot com There's an accident on I 95 North bound. It's at the exit ramp at Belvidere Road Watch for road construction affecting north and South bound lanes of the Turnpike Point Beach Boulevard. Still 1/4 road this report brought to you by massaging that's traffic on Sonny 1079. Massage envy. Their commitment to safety has never been greater. So you can confidently take advantage of September's low $55 intro rate massage and keep your body moving. When it comes to your health prevention should be a priority care Plus is happy to announce a Delray Medical and dental is part of the care Plus Plan Network to focus on helping Medicare

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