Blinkers Off 458: Woodbine Mile Preview and Rapid-Fire

Blinkers Off


I don't know I'm a little concerned about the gap in in his in his racist to where's he been like he wanna great one on the turf he's trained Mark Kathy who certainly doesn't save horses he runs them when they're good. So I think that's Kinda. Strange that he's been away for a while. Yeah, talk about horse. That likes Woodbine Gut talked about the air starts, jubilee? Love would by thirteen starts. On, that would bind six wins at this distance eight starts five wins I. Mean this is right up her alley. Let me perfect back home. So has been running kind of everywhere. Including the last two at. Faces of Horses Goes Toga Wins Allstone. Spa then goes and faces searching fall mean Marian Sister Charlie heard of them and gets forced. Those were those three right there. So. She beats his charlie the to bag. So I mean I noticed trolley. We've we've talked about this a lot that she's navy on what she was, but she's cutting back the distance she likes she's getting back to attract. She really is good at. you know it wouldn't be shocking to see four to one. So I I mean I think she's very much a player I I don't know I, I'm skeptical of her. That's kind of the one I'm GonNa try to beat here the woman lead up leave off. which I could come back to buy me but. I can't think she's a bit over. You know, yeah. Okay. She did beat sister Charlie to back but the next time she got smoked I I didn't. Really think. She was ever going to be those top three horses that day so I I'm Gonna I'm Gonna a little bit of a stand against their my backfire. But some awfully tough spot for starship jubilee. NB One thing if if she was up against phillies in in in a little bit easier spot, this is the great one woodbine mile toughest reese to win at Woodbine all year I. I. think she might be up against a little bit Saturday. I see she's definitely they're a lot from her for sure. I just think that this horse is is proven enough to where she's. She's she's very capable of running consistent races and you get her back to a track that she likes and get it back to distance. She likes she could have something to say but yeah, I mean I agree you're asking a law leaving you know her best numbers kind of match up her average numbers usually are outward these little less what these some of these top courses are. Wills and your your value proposition like that. So I I do think she's going to be asked to go and has run something special but same time. I think he's capable of the I'm not I'm not I'm not there with man. I'm going to have to play her I'm not GonNa let her beat me. In the last horse that I WANNA mention shirl spy courses. Probably a lot of people have been hearing now because, of course, that was one point go around and Derby not run the preakness, and now here we are it's like the Horse, never left pretty much you know and so now the horses back back on the turf after debut in turf winning by eight then goes wins great three on the on the synthetic in wins by. Going to raise it's kind of hard to believe Do I mean do you do you think this is like halfway interesting? Is He kind of? COULD HE KINDA freaky? We don't know yet. I don't think so. Be, the best way. I could answer that. I don't think this is the right spot for him. I. Wish they would have found a little bit easier, but I do think he's a pretty good horse but I don't think he's ready to knock heads was march to the war of will starship jubilee even in and you know when you this is kind of a dumb statement but this, this is a pretty much. Just as hard and ask as the Kentucky, Derby would have been. The only difference is it is on a surface that we know he can. He can perform on. Well, these sources are darned good like they're on source into the deep into the pool you talk about going a mile on the turf in north. America. These are some of the better ones that you're giving me so. I'm not too confident in his chance Roya. One thing about him is he's going to have a factor of the race and what I mean is he's a horse has raised since the end of July he's obviously been trying to get geared up for the Kentucky Derby at one point they've been wanting to run this horse and he hasn't he's going to be ready to roll and he has plenty of front in speed. So he is going to secure plenty of pace in this race which I think is why like so much value proposition and I like your march to the choices that. Coming late because that do feel like you're going to have a solid pace to run into and I think Cheryl spied is one of those horses going to secure that but final thoughts here. Okay. Real quickly forgive our lives pig do you what do you feel? So this is a win you're in. For the Fan Duel Mile and we talked a little bit about it but I mean do you think there's several like I mean say war will wins here obviously he's proven the very legit on the turf especially. Obviously, if Brown wins, we know that automatically a top contender. But is there any horses in here that you think really are legit contenders to win the Beer Scott? I think Yes for sure only because is there were wide open race right now than the mile I mean he picking in the Mile Right now right? Live Wide Open. So listen if you get martial arts gets it soclean trip in Wins Easy Hell Yeah I think he's got a great shot. You said you if war of will wins this race who's already won a grade one race going to mile on the turf for the Breeders Cup going to be held and then he comes up wins the Woodbine by Mile Hill. Yeah. I think he's got a shot to win So yeah, I, mean I think I think we definitely looking at some contenders here you know there's somebody like Admiralty pier wins than maybe we go. Well, maybe not. But yeah, some of these big courses even value proposition Cheryl fight they win and they look good I don't see any reason why they're not primetime contenders agree. All right. So final pick I am on value proposition and what do you got going to go march to the arch Forever, fire presented by racing dudes premium that's per years race you tend to get products have been helping what around the world cash

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