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Right. I am here. With my dad, this is this is fantastic and I want you to know that. You, think will now be the. The most prolific person on a plan strong podcast I think this will be your fourth episode episode that we've done together and the reason why I wanted to pull you aside and do something right now is because obviously we're at the farm. In upstate new. York. And we've got our big plants Doc, two thousand and twenty event coming up it'll be our ninth annual plants dock and I thought this would be an appropriate time for us to reflect on your childhood. Growing up here on the farm and how it impacted you as A. As a as a man growing up, and just you know what kind of let it flow and and see what happens but. Just for for starters. How long has this farm bending the S Allston family. Actually, was. My stepmother and you. In the nineteen, eighty, five or six. went to Albany. Police tricentennial. which is a farm that had been the same family for over three hundred years. So some some were of the order of sixteen seventy five. So the farmers got quite a tradition to it. To put it mildly I mean that's that's three hundred from my math is correct. That's. Three hundred and forty five years. Yeah we're moving on. And I think I've also heard that it's it's one of two. Two farms in the whole state of new. York, that had been owned and operated by the same family over three hundred years. which I mean. Incredible. Now, I want people to know. Before we dive into this that we're probably going to have some distractions, we've got like six six or seven grandchildren running around. And we're doing our best to kind of maintain order but. Of course of route twenty, three although it's Many yards from here often we'll have some heavy trucks and motorcycles give their little echo. Yeah. So bear with us. So when exactly did you and your your brothers and your sister and your parents moved the farm? Well, actually my dad although he spent a fair amount of time at the farm here growing up as well. His parents who lived at the farm also his father was a lawyer. Working in new. York, city so That Grew up in New York City when he went to He went to Yale and he went to. Medical School. Two years at Yale in the last two years at. Columbia. And then he began his practice of surgery in new. York. City we lived in Riverdale, which is suburb of. Of of New York City. Until I was seven years old and it it always been my father's dream. To come back in practice medicine up here. Using the farm as a home base. and. So it was in nineteen forty one in September that we moved from. New York City. To the farm. So nine, hundred, forty, one you were born in thirty three. So that makes you about eight years old I was seven because. I. Was about three avas eight three months after we moved up here. Okay. All right. and. What I mean so can you remember back? Coming from the city to the farm at. That's a pretty big adjustment. I would imagine. Yeah it was. It was. You know just seem to flow though I. Mean there was just. Nothing that was really difficult about it with a we were in sort of. A little. Local School Clark School. easy to make friends. And A state. School onto the eighth. Grade. And then Then attract began to get a little hotter my. Parents. Sent me to difficult academy. I was there for all four years. Thought deerfield was terrific. I really enjoyed. The friendships there? I love the athletics there. And fortunately, the academics there and they go to jail.

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