'Fortnite' maker says Apple threatened to cut it out of the App Store

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Epic. Think EPIC Games. Maker four nights seemed to think that we live in a dystopia. Based on their current marketing blitz. Against Apple Got topi wrong. There like we do but that's not it. Yes. Yes, the thirty percent cut apple is taking of your book sales maybe not the most pressing issue at the moment. God let me make sure I'd correct me if I'm wrong I hope I've got the sequence of events in order here was it Thursday I think this started that epic essentially. Put v Books on sale. On IOS at the same time that they also rolled out their own internal payment processing system for V box. Is that correct? Yeah. They basically created a system in Iowa where it would show you the full price regular price for books and then have a lower price below it. That says like epic account system you can tell this much literally side by side in the guests. It's Really quite literally just giving the consumer, the option of like you can pay this much or this much yup while. Yeah so that happened and then funny going back and looking at these new stories as a wrap up for this podcast and like comparing the time stamps on the articles for that day. Because the first one when that stuff rolled was like nine something in the morning and by like two thirty ish apple had pulled four nine, the APP store entirely. And then something like an hour to ninety minutes after that epic had filed its antitrust lawsuit. Against Apple Yeah. It was pretty much a boom boom boom like. This is exactly what epic new was going to happen and they were ready for it. They had a marketing campaign an in game event. All perhaps to go as soon as apple did what apple would do by pulling the game. Off of the APP store. If you already have in your account already had it on your phone, you could still play it and launch it and all the other stuff But. Yeah. They they they did it Google would eventually follow not long afterwards By, pulling it out and Yeah and the. So this is epic trying to jump on a lot of the antitrust stuff that is swirling around apple right now, the the you primarily the EU and there were some here but the kind of increased scrutiny. Then apple just kinda like said like not us Here but the the stuff I think is still in the in the making I'm not sure. and. So basically like they've forced this event and then capitalized on events like they're like, we're going to do this on an apples going to do this, and then we're GONNA file this lawsuit and run this sick parody of apples nineteen, eighty-four ad for all the extremely old people that are playing fortnight right? Yeah and remember this old ASS Super Bowl Ad. Super Ladder. Tablet. So granted one of the most famous commercials in history but. Yeah home call me petty but this is that trailer that they rolled out to the point where like They started losing the a little bit. I don't I. Don't I don't think they necessarily help their case with the way that they prepared this marketing blitz and well I think they're being shitty about it I think they're like it both can be right right. It's like okay this is a lawsuit that probably makes sense like we probably do need to be kicking the tires on. Apple forcing their thirty percent cut and blocking people from setting up their own payment processors and all sorts of stuff like you know that probably doesn't need to be heard one way or the other. But also epoch didn't necessarily need to like try to. Publicly paint. This is like apple took your game away. Apple did this I was like no, you did this like you knew the rules you had a lawsuit ready to go as you knew what apple would do to then try to say like Hash Tag free fortnight as like fuck you all. Ready to go into a fucking. Movie. Yeah exactly, and some hot cinema, which is hilarious. Don't get me wrong. Idea that like we're producing machinery to fucking announce a lawsuit but all the language that apple has used in response has been around stuff like breach of contract. They're pretty clear like like you. Like them or not you agree to our terms and then broke them. Yeah exactly and the terms are are not grade and you know I think there are a lot of smaller developers who would certainly benefit from epic taking this action. If it goes that way and I think that there's a real fight there, there's a real conversation to be had about. About these practices. EPIC is little. One of the few companies big enough to actually force this issue right like obviously. Like the little, guy. Making Games on the APP store has next to leverage in the situation. Right exactly takes like an epic to start this fight,

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