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Welcome to pop your source for nightmare weddings and Yoga. Ball sits. Big Round of applause I like get. Nina's often that you guys but hunters here has always and so is actress producer and. Legend. Viviana. A. Welcome. Back. Welcome where we are so excited to have you hundred GonNa Flirt with you. The entire show get prepared for them. Time Vivica just walked taping. That works for me baby just a little. Just a little took us. Describe my style of flirting. So this is. My God I'll. Little tickle we can get started now. All Right Ben Affleck was just banned from arm his upcoming James Bond Premiere at least that's what the tabloids are claiming. It's probably total but supposedly bond producers are afraid the couples pedia will overshadow the movie and Daniel Craig's okay. They have like a you've obviously you're a lot more famous than both hundred and I combined you too many movie premieres yet we like it. It's a big win for us tonight on nightly pop. If you going to an event and for movie you were in and producers said, listen you're man can't come how do you handle that challenge? Cry. Let's start right there. We've never look here. Work showed up gave as our how I not shining I. If this is true is totally unfair. Why does the girl not have to shot because she's in a grid we? Away from. She has died. He has done for them hunter. What do you think about if you could not bring me to a movie premiere as a standing date for you because your girl canceled? Would you be asset? That's okay with me and I think if they really don't want Ben Affleck showing up, put it in a city that doesn't have Dunkin donuts. I guarantee you. Not Going. There for some reason I mean honestly I have to say I don't know why I'm leaning towards this being true but I sort of believe it. I kind of feel like this sort of makes sense I mean I don't know if Ben Affleck is going to overshadow Daniel Craig's something about them always walking those. Dogs which I Got? Every day. Why it's always just so staged feeling for some reason I I do believe. I kind of believe that they're like listen just leave your boyfriend at home or moving on. While Shirley's there and knows what she wants when it comes to a relationship and the first rule is she's not going to live with anybody you guys. She recently told the mirror that she's not sure that she could live with somebody again and that he may have to buy the house next to her. She's just too old for this. Like it okay. I just want a new. And nobody's coming up here running thing but me so I'm all with their Charlie's let them know when it's happening to come over and do the deed. With after other than that stale ass next door right you. My God. First of all, my type of woman this is Great Vivica. I'm happy to buy any house near Your House I'm going GonNa have to save up a little bit but I can do it and then seconds I see where they're coming from but it also feels like Charlie's is coming from a place of she hasn't had healthy relationships lately maybe or she hasn't found that person you do want to live with I. Think we all kind of think that after we go to break, we're like no more of the opposite sex ever again taking that much of my personal mind and then raging you find someone. And you can grow with and maybe they start outside the house maybe eventually you're like, Hey, let's have toothbrushes in the same room. Let's try that out for a little while. Yeah, I feel like with Charlene I think that also when you are single for such a long time, you kind of get set in your ways and just having the idea of someone come in and just rearranging things becomes really daunting and just quite frankly really annoying and to be honest Shirley's does not need to settle. She doesn't need to do anything that is inconvenient for her at all. So like I. Totally under understand her mindset of like I don't. Yeah. Come over when you need to do the deed otherwise I don't need to be moving my cashmere sweaters for you to put your jeans and the next door take your time says the girl that got engaged in seven months. I was like, all right give it to me okay Brian. Austin. Green is getting defensive about dating multiple women after his split for Meghan Box Ryan was on the Hollywood raw podcast you listened to that a lot right with DAX holt an atom. Glenn where he said he isn't playing anybody but the whole point of dating is to talk to several people at once. What people normally do when they get out of something is they date they they talked to multiple people at once I'm not playing anybody like this is. My life is just is much more under a microscope. Let me ask you. So should he have to tell the woman? He's dating that he's seeing other people I'm GONNA ask Hunter Africa's I can't wait to hear the assay. I appreciate honesty to be very honest with you in their plans. Call dating onto someone says it's meeting. You is called dating I. Think the biggest problem is when it's rubbed in other people's faces

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