Tennis is back; James Blake discusses the challenges


Hello. and. Welcome to the tennis podcast. It is Monday the third of August twenty, twenty and two. There is tennis actual tennis. Not, exhibition tennis competitive tennis featuring plays, we've heard of playing for ranking points and prize money. We haven't seen any of it yet. It's just been. It's just been qualifying for the weekend but at the Palermo WPA event does get underway the main draw in earnest. Later on today David's Matt I, Give You Tennis It has suddenly occurred to me that we were together when tennis was last to think. Remember when we were watching. Dubai. Was it when Jovic Matt. Watch. Kim Clijsters Return in my lounge. Yeah. That feels like a different lifetime. I. Think. I was. Kind of the last weekend of tennis, which was the Davis Cup qualifying which. Never, find run event, which is taking place to eighteen months after they. After they, qualified for it. And the even then there were. It was kind of in the background there were rumbling signs of covid nineteen. I think the airport I was at in Hungary actually had a case and they shut the airport down and but then two days later everything just shut down it's amazing how quickly it happened. Just. Tennis tennis is back and it came back with a tennis way because I think the first day of qualifying in Palermo ended gone to am in the morning. kind of like we're doing this again. Given there's no crowds to worry about a no corporate lunches to around the there is no excuse for that is the because he can stop playing at eight am. And you can play on his you can play on his many courses is as you want or need to I mean how how it is? So tennis is it like comfortingly reassuringly tennis. is finishing yeah but also stupid. We stopped terriers and your we. When you didn't go to the airport because Indian Wells was canceled. You had a fully packed suitcase. State fully packed for some time. What is status? Is still my bedroom floor it hasn't been unpacked is had items removed from I would describe it now as haw full. Because Yeah I've removed you know the old parachutes. Only items only items with an elasticated waste obviously because lockdown But yes, all items with an elasticated waste have been removed from it. And all items which you might have to wear a Nike shoe with awesome accessories they remain in the case. Keeping most of. My bedroom floor. I said I said I would leave it the like Tracy unmade beds for the duration of Tennessee's absence and I'm a woman of my word five months. Yup. There's no. Mouse. No no mouth. Remembering the mouse, the other day and thinking was that dream It was that feels like a different lifetime. The masses in the suitcase I know why inspect that regularly? Don't you don't joke about that because that is that is those are the dark thoughts 'cause my mind when I'm trying to get to sleep. So. Yes. My suitcase remains on unpacked a spouse. Now I should probably technically go to unpack it this afternoon before three PM, which is when right the main draw of Paloma starts in the UK. Literally part of the Furniture Knob? Yes. Okay. I will. I will consider that we WANNA pitch empty. I mean that will just be a pitch of an MTC case day K. Okay, sure and case with just a mouse corpse at the Boscovich. It's It's the content that everyone's waiting for you. Welcome. Seven terms of tennis. News from this week, there's been no sort of big bombshell news. The deadline of the thirty first of July has been put. On the US Open confirming. Wants him four whether or not? It was going ahead? We haven't had that sort of concrete hundred percent confirmation. From the US Open from everything we're hearing as much as the little concerned around a concern around everything we're hearing suggests that with a heck of a lot of regulations in place in and details of those those rules and regulations have been. Leaking sporadically of the last couple of weeks, it will be going ahead. I mean seems to me that the only outstanding detailed in terms of it being categoric is. The quarantine situation on reentering the you and I think I mean in some ways that is I don't know whether that might even be made easier by the fact that it sounds like Madrid isn't going to happen anymore in this is not quite such a rush to get back to to Europe in order to play the very next event.

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