Indian Prime Minister Lays Cornerstone For Controversial Hindu Temple


India's prime minister made a rare pandemic era trip out of the capital. Today he went to a northern Indian town called Iot. Ah It's where Hindu extremists tore down a sixteen th century mosque nearly thirty years ago now. Hindus are building their own temple on that very spot and the prime minister laid the cornerstone NPR's India correspondent Lorne Fair housing from iota in the past and his following the news there today and joins us now. Hi, Laurin. Hi, good morning. Good Morning. So can you just put what happened today in the context of this place in its history? Yeah. So I not as old quarter is. This beautiful Warren of multicolored alleyways, housing, small temples, and Hindu faithful believe one of their gods Rahm was born there. But actually it's one of the most sensitive places in all of India for hindu-muslim tensions and that's because there used to be this huge triple domed mosque right in the middle of town it was built in the sixteenth century but in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two, Hindu extremists, tore it down riots spread across India and thousands of mostly Muslims were killed. He knew nationalists have long wanted to build a temple on those ruins and today they started doing

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