Trump campaign, RNC sue Nevada over expansion of mail-in voting


Trump's attacks on mail in voting of concerned Republicans across the country who feel that he may actually be discouraging GOP voter turnout in November. Well, now the president has done a one state pivot here, CBS news correspondent Palla read from the White House. After weeks of criticizing efforts to expand mail in voting ahead of the November election, President Trump actually endorsed it. But in one state on Ly, Florida, where elderly voters key key to to his his reelection reelection regularly regularly vote vote by by mail, mail, And And despite despite the the president's president's turnaround turnaround on on Florida, Florida, the the Trump Trump campaign campaign is is suing suing the the state state of of Nevada Nevada over over a a bill bill recently recently approved there by the state Legislature that expands mail in voting for the 2020 election.

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