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You're listening to the daily sales tips podcast and I'm your host Scott Ingram I've been thinking a lot about how important creativity is in sales lately, sexually Eddie buyers who initially got me thinking about this almost a year ago I was in New York City for a couple of client onsite meetings. You know back in the day when that was thing when we used to travel and get drinks together anyway Eddie is a consummate reader and a true student of. Sales. In fact, you can listen to our conversation together in episode seventy, nine of the sales success stories podcast. But as a fan of that show, he pointed out that many of the top performers I've interviewed are super creative think about it. How often do you get challenged in a sales process or have to find a different and unique way to break through with your prospecting because just doing more isn't going to be enough to get you where you WANNA be. I had some great sales leaders early in my sales career who taught me that you're GonNa hear? No probably a few times as you're working through an opportunity, they even suggested that a deal wasn't really real until you'd heard no at least once it's those knows they get you closer to what's really going on. It's your opportunity to go deeper ask more questions and get to the truth once you understand that then you get to be creative, you overcome those issues and perceived obstacles. How do you re engage the deal that's gone dark? How do you differentiate yourself and your offering to out shine your competitors all about creativity sales is rarely mechanical. Does it follow the same script? And the same process every time it's more like jazz, there's a lot of improvisation and creativity and it works best if you apply your own unique style and put a personal touch on things lately, I've run into a whole heap of different challenges and issues. But each time I've been able to take a breath think it through get creative and collaborate with my team and ultimately come up with something that was even better because of the challenge, and this is certainly true in a micro sense when it comes to a specific deal or a particular prospecting effort but it's also true in a very macro sense right now things are different. We're still not traveling and going to see. Our customers face to face and getting them all together in a room together to share our vision or create that vision together. So we have to be more broadly creative as well. What's relevant now, what's going to break through the noise and get people to act to make a change transform it all comes down to your creativity. You might get inspired by examples in the stories of plays other people have run, but it's up to you to find your own way through but we don't talk about this and think about this enough. We don't take the time to think I'm pretty sure that's actually one of the books that Eddie pulled out of his bag as we had that. Drink together, he pulls out this rather tattered very well read copy of Napoleon Hill's think rich. It's as simple as that. You have to take the time to think also call on the title of another book that have actually read, but I think the title pretty much says it all and that's Ryan holidays. The obstacle is the way you can't run away and hide from the obstacles and the challenges you've got to face them. You've got to think about them and then figure out if you're going to just run straight at it or maybe you go around it or over it or under it. But as the subtitle of that book suggests there's an art interning trials into triumph. Appreciate the stress lean into the pressure and the things that are in your way. That's where the real growth comes from. If you want to grow stronger, you don't get there by lifting lightweights you get there from putting stress on the system by breaking down your muscles so that they'll repair, adapt and grow. You don't get faster by running slow. You've got to push yourself to go harder than you probably want to go so that you get that training response that you're after

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