The Case Of Chad And Lori Daybell


Dick I feel like we've kind of been just living this case the last several days there's so much that we had to delve into. So let's just start with an overview of the timeline going back to the beginning because it's very complicated and as much for me as for the listeners a little review and a little in-depth investigation into these things would be helpful both helpful the me. We did last week's first part of this and I'm just at the time you do it do the recording. It sounds reasonable. Then as I think back about it, I'm trying to say what happened when who did what? So. This'll be very helpful. It's a crazy thing and of course, with the tragic ending, which is horrible. So. Let's go back to Chad Day Bell. He married his first wife Tammy in nineteen ninety and they had five children together over the years in Nineteen ninety-two Laurie got married for the first time at age eighteen and this marriage only lasted a very short time under a year from what I've heard. Then she remarried in nineteen ninety five and that's when she gave birth to her son Colby in nineteen, ninety six. Again, she got divorced then in two, thousand one, she married Joseph Ruin and Laurie and Joe had their daughter Kylie together in two thousand and two, and just a little bit of a word about Tyler's childhood. We we know that she was used as a pawn by Laurie and her divorce custody filings against Joe Ryan. But there's also some evidence fairly convincing evidence that Laurie mains have had Munchausen by proxy pilot who's in and out of the hospital many times, and she even had exploratory surgery to quote figure out what was wrong unquote and that's something that just. Really isn done nowadays, right? No, it isn't that if we go back a few years that was something I mean if if you have parent who keeps bringing a child into the office bureau for various complaints and you have run tests and nothing ever shows up, you might have considered doing an exploratory bit of surgery as probably a what's called a lap me. Where they look inside the the belly at the F. Domino contents and maybe take biopsies just to see if there was something that they had missed Leah from my experience on a pediatric surgical floor though they only do that when they're like at the end of their rope, this is after days of observing taking the kid off of a regular diet doing. IV fluids run, they do a lot of things I and the munch just love to hang out in the room for days and get the attention. So this is very classic Munchausen by proxy behavior who certainly is yet it really is and no illness was ever determined, which is significant I think road even with the surgery. Yes. So so there you go. Exactly. Nine, two, thousand when Tyler was about six, her therapist raised concerns about the stress Tyler was going through with her health issues and the custody issues. Tally, did say to the therapist that she did enjoy visits with her father. There were documented concerns about Laurie being dishonest on Tyler's intake forms. One of these things whereas where Lori said, the tally had pancreatitis. The custody documents I was able to peruse showed that Kylie did say she enjoyed visits with her father but then she told the therapist that she was frightened to stay overnight because her father molested her now she used the word molested and when her mom came into the room with her and the therapist apparently tie looked at Lori and said I, told her. So it just really I'm not convinced that Joe sexually abused tightly and I'll always believe someone until I have reason not to especially a child but there were some classic signs of the Mother Coaching her. So in two thousand, four, Laurean Joe were divorced and Laurie remarried Charles Valo in two, thousand six. Now for those of you who are counting Charles's husband number four. Yes, and in two thousand, twelve, a little boy named Joshua. Jackson was born he's he's the biological child of Charles Valez nephew his grandparents cared for jj until they made the decision along with Lori and. Charles that Lori Charles would adopt and raise JJ, and this was back in two thousand fourteen. Laurie already had colby and entirely. So the grandparents K. and Larry Woodcock were really thinking that they might have a better home there because there'd be other kids. It's kind of their little bit younger than Larry and K. so laurie who they thought was just a wonderful mom. At, the time agreed to adopt the little boy with Charles and then Laurie Charles entirely moved to Hawaii along with JJ services in two thousand fourteen when the adoption went through the options gone through and we've Kurt the family now lorries. Oldest son is what out of the house at this point because he's like eighteen nineteen, he didn't move to Hawaii with them now. He didn't in two thousand fifteen back to Chad, Tammy and the family moved to Idaho from Utah Right, in two years later, the veil of family moved back to Arizona, from Hawaii then on April third two, thousand, eighteen lorries, ex husband, her third husband Joseph Ryan was found dead in his home Laurie was notified as she was still listed as his next of kin. Didn't notify Joe's sister Anne who by all accounts she was very close to Anne was still a part of tiles life, your birth Maurice to ruin agenda Yes. I know we've talked about this a little bit in part one, but you did get a chance to review the autopsy. They were a few things that stuck out to us like the fact that the height was off and they call them a heavyset guy which he really wasn't. No. But remember he was in his apartment for at least a week decomposing before anyone found was a neighbor who found him that's correct. Yes and we don't have the entire autopsy but the cause of death was per tiriac sclerotic heart disease, which means that you're coronary arteries getting clogged up, which isn't really crazy for a fifty nine year old man to die of in general but

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