Mole Patrol | The Mole Season 1 Finale Recap


Yes, that's right. It's the mole patrols patrol season one finale here on reality TV Rehab of so everybody I. Am Josh wigger joined here by the Great Elise in Brooklyn said Jess happy bladed? Thank you very much Josh. So I I wanted to let you know up top. That I have both been bitten by a snake and you'll only have anti-venom for one person. So you gotTa figure that shout right away? Zad with apologies I answered just for this one but don't take it personally because I've just randomly gone back and forth between the two guy it wasn't all good things for Jess and all has no no. God No what kind of that would be kind of hideous test? What kind of a hideous way of going about it. Would that be hey, guess what we finished watching season one of the mole there is the. Possibility that you were listening to this podcast and you don't realize that we were going to be taking down both episodes eight and nine of season. One of the mole in this same podcast even though episode eight ended on a cliffhanger and I would think you would think that yeah. They're going probably watch the finale where they revealed the winner in the mole as well. Maybe it didn't think that maybe he had an extra week for that. You don't you're in the past. EPISODE WE'RE GONNA. Tell you who the mole. Israel. Tell you who the winner is. I, know I now know I. AM aware of the season one things I know nothing beyond season one and we're gonNA spoil anything beyond season one but season one fully spoil will get out of here if you. Leave this place if you have not watched both episodes eight and nine because it's about to go down how's that spoiler warning? Good. Seems same to Cowher it I. Think do you think the Preto comprehensive just for people like like pull overbrook? Oh. My God. I gotta get stop on the thing where do you think they're still fishing their phones out of their pockets should be just like more filibuster. It's time to go. You've gotta go rip your Ear Buds ears and you have to brags. Fling your device across the room. because. We're about to tell you who the mole is going to happen in five four three. One there

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