3 men face federal gun crime charges as part of 'Operation Legend'


Agents have made made their their first first arrest arrest in in Chicago Chicago as as part part of of the the Trump Trump administration's administration's operation operation legend. legend. The The Department Department of of Justice Justice says says three three suspects suspects are are in in custody. custody. They've They've been been identified identified as as 21 21 year year old old Romeo Romeo Holloway Holloway of of Chicago Chicago and and 30 30 year year old old Darryl Darryl Collins Collins of of Dalton. Dalton. Both Both are are charged charged with with illegal illegal possession possession of of a a firearm firearm by by a a convicted convicted felon. felon. 22 22 year old Darryl Phillips of Chicago is the third suspect he's charged with illegal possession of a machine gun operation. Legend targets violent crime in the city

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