Trump Administration Imposes Deadline For TikTok To Be Sold

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Chinese company that owns tiktok is under a little bit of pressure from President Trump and is considering selling you the president says, he thinks tiktok is a threat to US security even given the company kind of deadline by set a date of around September fifteenth at which point is going to be out of business in the United States. Now, over the weekend president trump talked to the CEO of Microsoft, which is a potential buyer here NPR's tech reporter Bobby. Allen is with us this morning. Hi, Bobby Hey Rachel. So take a step. Back, Bobby, why does president trump have an interest in tick talks US operations in the first place? Well, trump never mentions TIKTOK without saying China to talks parent company. Bite dance is based in Beijing and trump says that means tiktok could be harvesting the private data of millions of Americans and sharing with the Chinese Communist Party now whether that's really happening is up for debate but trump, it's black or white right? It's took talks either stays chinese-owned and will be banned or the APP is bought by an American company like Microsoft and can stick around. Right. So No L. Mention this Microsoft CEO talk with President Trump over the weekend about the possibility of requiring Tiktok but that's rather remarkable. Right? Like why did the CEO of a private company feel the need to run this by the president right and that's because the trump administration including trade adviser Peter Navarro has been peering on Cable News and saying the White House does not trust Microsoft. And while it looks like right now that Microsoft has won back the confidence of the White House. The company just really wants to make sure absolutely has the blessing of the administration before trying to take Tiktok over and a big part of Microsoft's pledge is to ensure that no TIKTOK data ever leaves Americans shores. Yes to your question. The president getting intimately involved in a private company merger talks is not typical but talk right in APP known for dance challenges and Prank Videos. No last finding itself as the latest political football in Washington is dealing with just that. Can we close by talking about the business end of this like what's in it for Microsoft to buy Tiktok? What do they get out of this potential? So we hear the word Microsoft when we think of the company many people still think of windows, right? It's not exactly the hippest image in the world, but Microsoft does own xbox. It's one actually one of its most successful businesses and there's a lot of crossover potential between gamers and tiktok users not to mention bringing on tiktok would allow Microsoft to go toe to toe with facebook. Which sees talks huge popularity and is pretty envious.

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