Armor on Butterfly Wings Protects Against Heavy Rain, Study Finds


Apparently Butterfly Wings are built like armor to protect them against heavy rain a June study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences analyzed how water repellent properties on the butterfly's wings protect them against Raines impacts quoting dot org. The research showed how micro-scale bumps combined with a scale layer of wax shatter and spread these drops to protect fragile surfaces from physical damage and hyperthermic risk. Previous studies have looked at water hitting insects and plants at low impacts of noted, the liquids cleaning properties, but in nature, raindrops can fall at rates of up to ten meters per second. So this research examined how raindrops falling at high speeds interact with super hydrophobic natural surfaces and quotes. Senior Authors, Soon Juan young associate professor of Biological Environmental Engineering College of Agriculture and Life Sciences pointed out that raindrops are one of the biggest risks for butterflies getting hit by a raindrop for butterfly is like getting hit by a bowling ball for a human. For the study, the researchers placed the insects as well as samples of leaves and feathers on a table and released droplets of water from two meters above they recorded the experiment at several thousand frames per second so that they could watch back in ultra slow at which time they discovered that when the water hit the surface, it rippled and spread on the Nanos scale wax layer while the micro-scale bumps created holes in the droplet quoting again, consider the micro bumps as needles young said, if one dropped a balloon onto these needles, he said, then this balloon would break into smaller pieces. So the same thing happens as the raindrop hits and spreads end quotes. Not. Only does this reduce the impact force, but it also lowers the heat transfer from the cold drop, which enables the insects muscles to retain enough warmth to fly. Instead, he's like this aren't just interesting to learn more about butterflies and feel at ease knowing that they're relatively okay during big storms like today's but also these types of studies can inform consumer products. So called bio mimicry products in this field have already led to water resistant sprays for clothes and shoes, as well as the de Icing coatings for airplanes. There is so much weird and cool stuff from animals and. Nature. So thinking about how we can adapt some of it for humans is extra fascinating to me is all the other day that someone had redesigned the umbrella to open and close upside down so that you theoretically don't get as much water all over you. But what if we can coat on with some of this manno scale wax and micro bumps so that they repel water I mean that would be pretty cool.

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