Get Ready for The Umbrella Academy Season 2


Hello everyone and welcome. It is the Gui recap. It's recap of all the things that are going to of happened for the week of July Twenty, seven, twenty twenty before it happens. My name is Bruce and let's start with the Gui pick of the week. The umbrella academy season two comes out this week on net. If, you're unfamiliar with the show. seven children are born on the same day. Their mothers got pregnant They all possess some amazing ability. Some rich man buys the children and makes them a superhero team. Now they're all grown up and the end of the world has happened. Okay. Season One was great season to hopefully will follow along with that tradition four TV pages on Monday nothing Tuesday cw has the premiere of tell me. A story and vice has the premiere of how to rob a bank for Wednesday. Fox has the finale of ultimate tag. and C W has the finale of bulletproof Thursday nothing Friday. The same Saturday BBC America Has Earth Light. That's A. A premier and HBO has the Premiere of Joe Joe. Rabbit for Sunday CW, has the premiere of Fridge wars and taskmaster for movies coming out this week, unhinged still on the books to come out this week. I'm not sure if it's been pushed back or not it's a Russell Crowe movie where he has a roads rated incident and things. Go Downhill from there. For DVD's, you have end of sentence for on Line Services Net flicks has last chance you season five, the speed Huber's and like I, said the umbrella academy season two

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