Canceled Telluride Film Festival announces lineup

The Big Picture


Telluride film festival decided to announce what would have been the slate of films that they were GonNa, show on. September fourth when the festival is supposed to take out, take place before it was cancelled in July, and then we also started to get some news about the New York Film Festival, which will be world premiering a few titles. I. Still don't totally understand how the New, York Film Festival is happening, but let's just talk a little bit about what's going on with film festivals right now. So last year at telluride. They debuted the world premiere of Uncut Gems and Ford versus Ferrari and Judy and first cow, and they had the North American premiere of marriage story. This was a bountiful slate. Lots to see it was a very exciting time. This year, the slate was not a strong. There were some interesting films. There were some very relevant oscar-worthy conversational picks there. I think Francis. Leaves Amanite which many people have been talking about a new movie starring Kate winslet. Insertion Ronin. We're looking for that. How many Oscar nominations to search have at this point twelve fifteen? No. I think it's four, and this will be her fifth, which just seems like I just want to say when we made our really irresponsible Oscar predictions for this year and like having seen nothing I was like I, think Social Ronin will win for this movie that I haven't seen so. At least I think I did I meant to, if I didn't you know please like revised history.

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