Forever POTUS


Well guys guess what today is. It is our forever, President Barack Obama's fifty, nine, th birthday. Yeah. Why? Still. Cool. Yeah I mean, he's. So, much they run for damn thing. Would he? He looked so good. Well, you know what happens when we have a birthday around here? Well, junior desert poem, of course, everybody. What. Everybody don't get upon. You gotta be important for me to right. Here with the Special Paul We. Believe with the name of this poem is called let's. Get with the junior. Juniors Obama's birthday poem. That's all I. Can I ask? Whether some names you threw away before you settled on that with. Bottom for I got. I was like Obama Julia's birthday poem, I've switched around. As Morocco, Obama. was talking to Barack Obama about his birthday. Here, it is juniors, Obama's birthday point A. While sitting mouth jealous. I wrote a poem about Barack Obama. Never Causes Drama. He was raised by his. Mum. Now there's more. And I'M GONNA. Tell you what I like about Barack Obama. He's Cool He's neat and With class. Eight years by so fast. They probably. I, wouldn't. We from the first day. So, we wish him happy birthday. To, the girl Michelle. And we're hope you're doing well.

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