NFL fines three head coaches $100K each for not wearing masks on sidelines


Up weak, too. Showcasing Las Vegas league was coming down hard on those Who haven't been following protocol. Last week, NFL sent out a strongly worded memo that said coaches had to wear masks on the sidelines and the NFL felt like there were three coaches that didn't do it this weekend. Vic Fangio, Denver Call Shanahan, San Francisco. And Pete Carroll in Seattle. It find each those head coach is $100,000 and find each of those teams $200,000 over a million dollars in fines for not wearing mess and the league might not be done after watching tonight's game, ESPN insider Adam Schefter, noting the three coaches who have been fined. Vic Fangio, Pete Carroll and Kyle Shanahan. But the league may not be done. Shafter referencing the Monday night football game, Raiders coach Jon Gruden seen wearing his face mass, like a changed rapid times during the wind. Over the Saints. After the game, Gruden telling reporters, quote I'm doing my best. I've had the virus. I'm doing my best. I'm very sensitive about it. I'm calling plays. I just want to communicate in these situations that if I get fined, I'll have to pay the fine, but I'm very sensitive. About that, and I apologize. Three coaches find on Monday as you heard hundreds $1000 each plus an additional $250,000 Breach of their team. The NFL had sent the memo last week after Lax adherence to protocols during week one of the NFL season. Robert Kraft had

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