First Impressions on COD Cold War's Multiplayer Alpha


Speaking of the future we did get a little taste of the Cold War multiplayer this weekend as they dropped with, they're calling an Alpha I always think it's cute when these AAA developers drop an open Alpha like this is an Alpha for those who don't know is supposed to be like the rawest form of your game before you really get the kinks worked out an Alpha is not hey, everyone can download this and play it. And you're good at Oh. By the way, our game is also coming out in like three weeks like that is not how call Beta one, Beta, two or something like that. Alpha's a bit generous to say like Yeah we've never tested this out until right now. Yeah. Alpha will figure this all out. But give him a minimum project the same time on that though because doing that's going to allow them to see a lot of tendencies catch a lot of bugs. Yeah. There's already a ton that we will dive into but yeah, like I think. WHATEVER THEY WANNA call it. This was a good move on trailer park this very different than how we saw infinity ward handled their game already right. We already hear about a lot of coming changes issues that we may have right now may even be gone by the time we actually play the next open Beta here in just a few weeks now disclaimer on all this. This was only on playstation. So as only on the PS four as far as I know, it might have been on Xbox to you, but it was only on console just place it just playstation. So a nugent did play it the last time I pull the only thing I play my playstation at the moment is for NHL. That is it like I have a couple of single player games. That I might hop on here and they're like Spiderman last of us but for the most part, just NHL I have not played a first person shooter with a controller since call of duty World War Two which I think was the last one not. So. That that will. disclaimer here, this is just coming from a normal perspective K.. Yet I could talk about how you know I sucked. But to be honest I didn't even talk that bad because the auto so ridiculous that it. Makes me look a little decent little decent. disclaimer there now, right off the bat though I will say this and you mentioned it as soon as we started playing when this Moose over to PC and the pros get to play this game on apiece. Refresh rates and. Just everything that. Cleaning it up. They are going to be blown away. They're going to perform so much better. I feel like we're just going to get a better game because I noticed it immediately like right when I got in God we were playing a timid join day. Twelve map initially because we wanted to try out the new ship NAP and if our modern from not whatever whatever whatever you call it. Yeah. Like I mean the ship nap the big ships. By the way what did I say did I lie when I say any game that has a battleship map on it is already a top five game. Oh, very cool map but now that has like three shifts on it that you can jump from ship to ship to ship. Diving. In the water getting vehicles, I'm not saying it's going to be competitive in east sports because it won't be from a casual standpoint run that twenty four, seven, I want to twenty four, seven ship Matt playlist are like that ship nap a lot more than the snow map. Yeah. That were for the big map that. Out on the names of these mounts but yeah, I mean I noticed it right away like the sixty hertz graphics like it. All just felt like I was playing on my old computer that I got rid of like a couple years ago. Now, you know like it just felt like I was playing on outdated equipment like I was playing things low settings compared to what I'm used to, and so that was the first thing that I thought of also is man like we're gonNA get a product. They've ever had before in call of duty lead just right away just 'cause it didn't play bad. It's just it wasn't as good as you would want it to be you know try and constantly. Yup. First thing that hopped out to me. I, think overall time to kill. It feels good. It is longer than what modern warfare was I kinda like. Me Too because it was one thing is when you played modern warfare for the first time I, remember playing the Beta or whatever they called it for modern warfare and I remember I got my first kill and laughed out. Loud. How because remember I they started with the foam us in warfare and I laughed at how fast they died. I took you back. The hundred fifty HP or whatever they're doing for. There's like. It did feel good. I didn't have an issue with it like I felt like it took. The right amount of blitz you know just felt it felt okay. The way I did was I will say this it allows what is a very underrated thing I think modern warfare was missing. It. Allows the turnaround kill. It allows for for that clutch moment to where if someone's coming up from behind, you can turn around and get them right into had that level of casual level. It will create that hype. So I liked not. Time to that was a big. That was a big piece of it like I think that. Just felt good. Overall map seemed okay a little. You know they're six we six. So it's hard to judge. But seemed I liked him I really like I thought Moscow is I think Moscow is going to be a really fun map to watch on a competitive level especially for before they have some like good wide lanes on there I I love the the lanes that we saw a lot more traditional. To call of duty than what we saw this past year with modern warfare is you can very clearly conceived distinct three lanes on most of these maps Moscow I thought was really good. I think satellite is going to be a really fun to watch. I know you didn't play too much but I thought satellite was a really good map of Miami. I have some concerns about just because of the openness of the middle of the But again, it does at least have the proper three lanes but the really spread out. So very curious to see how like Miami looks like a five eighty, five map instead of a four before to me on how it's currently laid out but. Again. I really liked him I thought the mouse were good and maybe that's just me grading attempt to light modern warfare maps. I did not like any of the modern warfare. Along. Yeah I was GONNA say it doesn't a lot to be to modern warfare Matt.

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