TV Ratings: Emmy Awards Drop to All-Time Low 6.1 Million Viewers


The 2020 Emmys thatjust happened on Saturday night. The ratings were not great. Although people did say that they enjoyed the show, a lot of people watched online and So they got about 6.1 million viewers, and I think they average usually for that show 11 12 million viewers on the night that it airs. It is one of the bigger award shows. Actually, I always think of it as being kind of the Oscars. The Emmys. The Grammy's are the only ones I Really care about the I completely forgot that it was on to the extent that I was shocked when I saw That every there's Yeah, like I went. Oh, my God. That happened. And I'm supposed to know that And I didn't. I didn't. I just So I can see. Look, I've been listening to people on the sports talk or would ever talk about how ratings air down for for and and all I can think of When I hear first of all here, a sportscaster bitching about the ratings or something, I think, dude. We didn't have sports for months now, all of a sudden you're back in this taken for taken it for granted thing, like, be glad you have something to talk about The idea that your bitching about the ratings being down, I think ratings they're going to be weird to follow in every Avenue, every lace and it's just a matter of do you want to keep Consistency in place for when things go back to normal, or do you just want to have nothing on It's up to you, You know, I mean, I really right. I'm glad their stuff to watch. Thank God there's football. I don't know the thing about the this ahh 72nd Emmy awards, drawing 6.1 million viewers. I actually sort of blame ABC, because while I was aware that they were happening Because I knew that the creative Emmys were happening last week like I had been watching so many stuff coming up, so I knew those were the precursor. I didn't see any advertisement for this nun on Social media. Not not any on TV. Not that I'm watching. Like network TV all the time. I just think Less fewer and fewer people are actually sitting down and watching network TV. So fewer and fewer people know what's actually happening on the thief on the 34 big broadcast networks, So I'm not super surprised by this actually way more people watched it on Online in some form or other And that's the other thing. I think ah is causing of a knish you for ratings is that I don't know that someone watching on I keep going back to the NFL, but it's another big ratings. Boom. You know, I mean, they're a lock their the number one TV show every time footballs on it wins. But people are watching on their phones and on their pads and there, you know, you say, Well, why would you? I can't explain what young people do, and an old people couldn't explain what I used to do. That's just the way that's youth. You can't explain it, but they watch on their phone and until that that way that account ratings that's going to go unaccounted for. Right? Well, it's not, and I have gone accounted right that may have gone unaccounted for. For the grant the Emmys as well. You're actually saying that, um, about 11.9 million Total social interactions happened on the on the show for Sunday night. And they say that's up over 100% from the 2019 Emmys. So I just think people don't sit down and watch TV the way they used to, and TV if you want to survive, has got to figure out a way to make that work for them on the other screens that are available to all of us.

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