The states, the state's highest court. That has extended the States


Your host, Jordan. Secular Oh, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. A lot of people talk about mail in Voting different from absentee ballots. Absentee ballots in most states. I mean your needing to request now or should have already requested, and then you'll receive it in the Postal Service is saying, Get those out as quickly as possible. That's bipartisan, by the way, both parties or saying that get your ballot. Make sure if you do an absentee follow the rules. I will tell you. This, too, is someone who has been involved a lot of campaigns and has had to vote absentee twice before the presidential elections. Not all of them that voted him but a couple times you really do have to look at the rules in your state. I mean, what color ink What needs to be signed. If you mark there's sometimes where there's like a row. If you mark like two boxes in that row, that's it. It's your ballot has been tossed. You know if you make any heirs So you have those issues that you want to take seriously. So for those of you who are during absentee voting, and there's the rules are different every state but the sooner the better there Pennsylvania's court, though, has come out with an opinion. The states, the state's highest court. That has extended the States Mail ballot deadline. This means when your ballot has to be stamped by the Postal Service, Not by just you. But you know, where does it go through the Postal Service? Until November. 6. So this year? That's three days after the election at 5 P.m.. So in effect has extended election day. For three more days.

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