Asuka Yoshie Hatta, You sugar Yoshihito that is held his first talks with President Trump by phone.


That is held his first talks with President Trump by phone. It's the first since he took office. It's one of the first is the country's leader after he was Voted in last Wednesday, replacing the Shinzo who resigned for health reasons. Breaking news and analysis townhall dot com There are a lot of polls to be taken before the election in less than six weeks, and one national poll shows a slight lead for President Trump among likely US voters. George Manzoni, according to the Rasmussen weekly White House Watch survey. President Trump has now passed former vice President Biden for the first time since the pole began in July, with Mr Trump showing a 47 46% advantage. Drilling down. Both candidates hold 80% partisan support within their respective parties. Urban protests are differentiator becoming a factor in favor of Mr Trump 42% of Americans have had anti police protests in their community off. These 75% say that anti police protest rate as an important factor in their vote

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