GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 298: Everybody's Hurt, Wilson and Murray MVP Frontrunners - burst 03


Are looking pretty pretty bad offensively all around. Carolina had some pretty bad injuries as well. Christian McCaffrey had ankle. So if you were the first round draft pick I pick overall grouchy Chris McCaffrey you're in some pain right now so Ankle and it said that he's going to be out for a good amount of weeks to they. They have a timetable anytime I see the word like several weeks. I'm thinking three to four weeks would this for Michael Thomas and I'm thinking three to four weeks for him in another ankle so both ankle injuries and he left the fourth quarter in the loss. So it's just not looking good and didn't look bad but you know. Four out of five experts agree that running backs need their ankles and though in two paths can't afford to spend much time without at twenty nineteen first team, all pro and the reigning league leader in scrimmage yards and touchdown. So. Changes the panthers underwent in the off season and considering their position. Any tough division will stronger of the two conferences. This might be a rebuilding year for Carolina anyway but for Teddy Bridgewater deasy more McCaffrey for me intriguing trio on offense. There was some hope that they can remain competitive with an expanded playoff field in the place was four, twenty twenty and back up Mike Davis carried the ball once for granted one yard on Sunday in the twenty seven year old

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