Philadelphia finishes hiring additional sanitation workers


Says the new hires are on the street on boarding people turned out to be more difficult process. It's a very arduous process anyway. But Cole was blended another layer to the process warrant, says the temporary workers air, helping both with the increased volume of waste and filling in for workers who are still calling out sick and large numbers. There are Marriott issues with people getting to work with called it staffing. The building baby city issues. A lot of things play into people having to call out from work, So those things are still happening with the new crews, though, warrants his collection of both trash and recycling is on time as of now, and they're being collected separately. For a while, while the city was trying to catch up, recycling was simply being mixed in with trash for right now, we have the resources to return to pretty much a normal collection of recycling rubbish being collected, and it looks for foreseeable future that will be able to maintain that Pat Lobe Y w news radio. You run

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