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Of cancer The day before Roost high school graduation, she said two things. The lady be independent. Ginsberg spoke with Jane Pauley in 2016 be a leading man. Don't give way to emotions that sap your energy like anger. Take a deep breath and speak calmly. Ruth was inspired both by her mother's words and her life story. Her mother Wass, the brains in the family. But her parents wanted her to go out and work even before finishing high school because there was a boy in the family and money had to be made so that he could go to college. Jane Ginsberg is the justice's daughter, Clara Spera, her granddaughter. And how do you think that affected your mom? Seeing a less qualified male preferred to a deserving woman. Something that marked her from a very early age. Ruth Vader excelled as an undergrad at Cornell University. But in an era when even the brightest women were encouraged to pursue an M r s degree. Ruth wanted Mohr and that drive was what attracted Ah, fellow student and future husband, Marty Ginsburg. He died of cancer in 2010. This is typical body. Why do you say it's typical Marty? Because he's relaxed. He's reading a good book. He is underdressed there really relationship is featured in the movie on the basis of Sex, which one makes me look more like a Harvard man. He was the biggest supporter. My mother always said at Cornell. He was the only boy who cared that she had a brain. She married Marty in 1954 had Jane in 1955 and enrolled at Harvard Law School the following year when her husband graduated Harvard Law in 1958. And took a job with a firm in New York route transferred to Columbia Law School, where she graduated first in her class and still found herself unable to get a job. I had three strikes against me when I was Jewish, two hours a woman, but to kill her, whether I was the mother of a four year old, she simply was virtually unemployable. Stacy Hawkins teaches constitutional law at Rutgers Law School. Law firms were barely willing to give any woman an opportunity on DH. They simply were unwilling to give one to a working woman with a child. A lot of people would be discouraged by that, and we're just not push ahead. I think that that's what has propelled her. She has this quiet, steady, yet deeply, deliberate way about her that she pursues everything and that she knows exactly how she's going to achieve her goals. Ruth became a law professor Rutgers, paving the way for women like Hawkins, and it was here that Ginsberg found her lifelong passion working towards women's rights. It began after a few students asked for a class on women in the law. She realized that there wasn't much in the way of women in the law, in fact, that the law was very unfriendly Tau women, and it really did inspire her own interest advocating for women's rights. In the 19 seventies, she founded the Values Women's Rights Project and went before the Supreme Court to argue six gender discrimination cases. A person's sex. There's no necessary relationship to ability. She won five of them. It was difficult even into the middle seventies to persue judges who at that time were overwhelmingly Male and white. To persuade them that there was such a thing is discrimination against women. Because their idea was women around a pedestal. Women are protected by the law. And many women. We're finding out that he still called protections. We're protecting men's jobs from women's competition. This one is well. I love a majority opinion and later on the Supreme Court herself, where she stood out with her distinctive feminine collars. Justice Ginsburg was a liberal voice for constitutional protections. In 2000, thirteen's Shelby County versus Holder, which watered down voters, writes, she wrote the descent space voting discrimination. Still exists. She thought that this case was just extraordinarily wrongly decided. And she said that the reason why Alabama and other Southern states had not been able to engage in the kind of voter tactics that would intimidate and disenfranchised black voters is precisely because they were prevented from doing so. This decision is like throwing away your umbrella. In a rainstorm. Because you are not getting wet. People understood that analogy because it was just something that everyone could relate to. It was like a rap lyric. Music was a constant in the justices life beginning early on in Brooklyn when her aunt took her to the opera. I was blown away by it. I had a glorious music and the drama. Opera became a passion that she famously enjoyed with a fellow enthusiasts. The late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. In 2015, the duo inspired

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