Gettin' Grown


Do. Little Room. You'd be weak as. If you had the strength to walk out that dog. Malagueta over room sends and I'd call you back for more. If I will womb. Oh If I will you In Cali, Oh, well mine and you were my May. Boom. Near. She tells you. Glad that's like so signature. Gladys Gladys. For like Garnish Song in a very. Subtle, middle voice, right like it's not a false set, but it's not a fool chess. She gets that good a mid was. That's how she starts right in the pocket of her range like right down in the basement there and then when it is time. For Gladys like she just has a real like you know how we'd be talking about how you like talk fat like you talk. You just get randomly loud in the middle centers. Yes. I feel like gladys gives randomly loud in the middle of the song right yes. Shoot. I was a you mommy, right? That's actually. The chorus. Comes into the second burst guns a blazing your. Like. Praise the Lord like Okay Gladys we hear you here. You are with us yet you. Don't ask if I was. Like. Something Gladys. Gladys that's the name of our morning. So good. BUT WE'RE GONNA get to that. We're GONNA get to that. I, and I'm just so grateful we are. We are. We are going to have a whole to do about it. Praise the Lord negus phrase. US. Voice right there. That's a contralto. Come doing well, I can't complain Amen we are. We are grateful to be here. We are much to celebrate and be grateful for that. What the name of the game is for this week's show. So how are you doing this? I? AM In the same spirits I am grateful you know what I'm saying I got dinner done before we recorded like the child is bathed. Nigga like I feel good I feel good. I had place in I'm in a I'm in a good place. I've been to the gym already today I came back. You look like it very lululemon. Thank you very much I came back and went on ahead and. Shower together sat down had a full day's work. Wasn't really thinking about all the has to be done all the rest of the week after saying I just gotTa get through what I said I, was GonNa do warm Monday and that will let next the next day the subsequent days worry about themselves you know I'm just saying. It is what it is. You know not had cooked my mom versus Sunday dinner last my have already I just went ahead and put it in the microwave I sat here eight, my smother chicken, rice, and grain. and Og classy colder. Low Baked chicken smother chicken with Louis Gravy. Some good old white rife. So. They didn't have warned remind people. You know what? I'm saying I, I'm a brown rice I give the growth. We'll key while you down once again. But. When you have like good like soul food staples, you cannot disrespect the dish with something like a brown rice and my grandmother would be like wait. So I have got on certain no smother chicken wouldn't. Seems. Like oxymoronic. It seems like it's just wrong. It's ambitious. Don't serve me no cauliflower rice with no smother chicken thrown at you. A whole head but we have good talk to get into a flower. It's probably flower. Is it floor it? Flat. Floor it. It I don't know. But one time I went to this Mexican drug have flour tortillas. And they spilled the flower. W. Less than. Said this is amazing but did you tested trial? Did you test and trials us? Oh I didn't ah. Let me see if I can do it. Hold on. Let me see if I can do it. Let's do it. Let. It is. We call it. Welcome to another episode of grow where we discuss tests the trials, the test. The trivial. Good Chow good in a real gay twenty twenty. Bong dining done. A trash segment for your ass. So I suggest we had over there let us journey. A. No trash this week.

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