Alabama governor Kay Ivey says


Hurricane Sally is crawling toward the northern Gulf coast of just two miles an hour, a pace that's enabling the storm together huge amounts of water to eventually dump on land. Forecasters now expect landfall late tonight or early Wednesday near the Alabama Mississippi State line. Alabama governor Kay Ivey says residents need to take this storm seriously. We're looking at record flooding. Perhaps breaking historic levels and with a rising water comes a greater risk for loss of property and life over on the West Coast. Wild fires continue to burn in California, Oregon and Washington. Southern California city of Arcadia. Resident less Daring tells ABC seven Los Angeles He's confident fire teams can get control of the blaze under control, in my opinion, and basically because there was no wind if there's no wind His firefighters they could deal with his fire. Fire fighters have burned off vegetation and the San Gabriel Mountains above our Katie to protect the historic Mount Wilson Observatory. Most of Los Angeles is television and FM radio stations from the wildfire. The so called Bobcat Fire is just 3% contained on Wall Street that out by two points to 9 27,095, Maura townhall dot com. Tell me why relief Thank you. It's so successful in lowering or eliminating pain. I'm often asked that question. Pete. Have Talbot the father and son, Founders of Relief Act. Tell me they believe our bodies were designed to heal. The doctors who formulated really factor selected the four best ingredients 100% drunk free ingredients that each help your body deal with inflammation order the three week quick start now discounted only 1995 to see if it will work for you to call

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