Sally has weakened to a tropical storm but the Gulf Coast region still faces issues from drenching, floods


Sally continued to cause problems along the Gulf Coast. Although it is no longer a hurricane Sally's been weakened to it. Tropical storm but it's still causing issues came ashore is near Gulf Shores, Alabama today as a Category two hurricane. The impacts reach far beyond the point of landfall to in Escambia County, Florida in the western Panhandle, officials say high water search and rescue efforts are underway after that area took a battering. Meantime, pieces of the three mile bridges span in Pensacola have been knocked out Wkrg. Television reporter Daniel Smith said explain multiple sections of three mile bridge have been damaged due to the winds and the rain from Hurricane Sally. Now they don't know the extent of the damage yet All they do know is that they have to wait until the weather calm sound of it before they go out and assess the damage. But National Hurricane center says Sally will cause dangerous flooding from the Florida Panhandle to Mississippi as well as England in the days ahead. In Louisiana. Some 500,000 homes and businesses are without power between Sally and Hurricane Loris Aftermath

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