The Big Ten Conference Adopts Stringent Medical Protocols; Football Season to Resume October 23-24, 2020


10 football is coming back. What W's Dave you're AM reports A big 10 announced this morning that it's Council of presidents and chancellors, adopted thorough medical protocols and voted unanimously. To resume football starting the weekend of October. 23rd 24th. The protocol includes a lot of testing players, coaches, trainers and others that are on the field for practices and games. Need to go through daily auntie gin testing, with results being recorded before either a gamer practice. Take place. Any athlete who test positive we'll need to go through cardiac testing and be cleared by a cardiologists. An athlete who test positive cannot play a game any sooner than 21. Days after the diagnosis. Daily testing will start by September. 30th. Penn State head football coach James Franklin, releasing a statement this morning on Twitter that said, in part quote, we are excited for our guys to have the opportunity to get backto action safely on October 24th

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