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For offside even get one on sides. Tom Brady's first game's A Buccaneer didn't go to plan as Tom Brady fell and Tampa Bay folks even to the Saints, 30 40 23. Brady threw two interceptions, including one pick six You struggled to get on the same page, with his wide receivers on sides are outside the Buccaneers will miss the playoffs. Mrs. Offsides. They play the Panthers, the Broncos the charges the Bears the Packers, the Raiders, the Giants leading up to their next game up against the Saints. In those seven games. You got to think they win five of them. Probably at worst case scenario, they went five and they should be able to win five. So then that would put you at five and three on the season with lost yesterday. They'll be fine. They'll make the playoffs until I see them. Continue to play like this. I'm not jumping off the bandwagon of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just yet. The Buccaneers have missed the playoffs offsides taking time out to go college football When we come on back excited to college football this past weekend, I wasn't I'll tell you why first up, then we get a date in here, Zack. Sports flash. Right and late first half, seven seconds left. The Steelers have just scored two Take a 16 10 lead over the Giants. It's their first lead of the night. As Ben Roethlisberger connecting with James Washington on a 13 yard scoring play and again 16 to 10. The Steelers in front earlier was Juju Smith Schuester, taking a pass from Roethlisberger for 10 yards for a touchdown. So Roethlisberger making his way back. It was a slow start for Big Ben after elbow surgery, but right now he has finished the half strong with 145 yards passing. Daniel Jones has a touchdown of 41 yards. Darius late in the second game of the night, will feature the Titans and Broncos in Denver to conclude Week one of the NFL season Baseball action tonight. Right now top of the second, no score between the White Sox and Twins. Oakland lead Seattle to make

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