Dallas Stars Advance To Stanley Cup Finals With 3-2 OT Win Over Golden Knights


Arise. Take us away the night in the Stanley Cup playoffs back, TA was win or go home for the Vegas Golden Knights in the Western Conference finals. The game was tied to as we headed to overtime last night, and for the Golden Knights folkish Dennis was a man in a nasty does not have a stick. It's hurry on off on the right wing side behind the Net. Corey Perry. Spread it out wide. Black rope. A heads up high for Klingberg fakes the shot one time curry on the scores. Dennis Fury on stores win Game five. They win this Siri's They win the West and the Dallas Stars are headed to the Stanley Cup final. Yes, yes, out Gold Dennis Syriana with the overtime winner, the stars to the Stanley Cup final that go to see the Stars Radio network. Dallas improved to 50 and overtime games inside the bubble this year and advance to their first Stanley Cup. It's winning their only cup in 1999 and somebody let you know that Mike Madan Oh, is not still on this team.

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