How to Cultivate Friendships at Work and Beyond with Shasta Nelson. Ep. 63


So Sarah House, your house, your friend game looking at the moment. Not. Great. I've talked about this before but I felt like it takes years. When you move to establish your friend group I think it took me like four years in. Miami beach. We moved here less than two years ago haven't been able to do it. I I I. Feel like I'm starting with Kobe really really threw a wrench like there was a on some neighborhood what's up groups like at the point where I might be like, Oh, maybe this pursue a run with me or like sort of tried to start a neighborhood club that didn't go anywhere. And then Kobe. Really like wasn't great timing because when you new to a new place like you want to go to configure more casual gatherings perhaps as you're getting to know someone so. So. Yeah. My friend game is sort of lame right now and even my really close friends for Miami beach like we did one zoom date with them recently and it was great. But like we barely seen them and it makes me so sad. So I don't know hopefully that will get a little bit better. Someday, we did go to an outdoor pool party for Annabel's be. That was really fun and we're probably going to a beach played with them and I like the mom. So that Nice. As an aside I have a little bit of an issue where I like can't bring myself to attend a kids Zuma Birthday party like. Just. Doesn't doesn't do it for you in fact any. Celebration like, I. Have This block where I just don't even wanNA write in my planner I'm like. I just and I will I had one that I would have gone through that I actually did accidentally miss and maybe kind of sad because I'm very close with them but otherwise like I just Did you do the Car Parade Oh? I don't do par parades I. Mean if we're like a close family member and I was GonNa get to see them in, have a conversation with them like tiny cooperate I would consider it. But like the idea of like twenty third graders like driving past like I'm horrible person I'm sorry please don't hate me for this I just. We all have the things we dislike. Not into it. Some people hate puppies and rainbows. I know he puppy were rainbows. Because they're

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