Saving Water A Flush At A Time

Short Wave


If you're eating, you might want to take a break for a minute. And if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to or follow shortwave that way, you never miss an episode. All right under the show. You're listening to shortwave. From NPR. Hello. In Happy World Toilet Day yes. That's the thing and here unsure we've we're taking it very literally and bringing you some toilet based science. Imagine a toilet that can always keep yourself clean without living streak of human waste that just makes it more appealing for people to use it, for example, in the case of public bathroom. I mean I've definitely gone into a bathroom and I'm going no further. Yes. Yeah. That's taxing one. He's a biomedical engineering at Penn State University and he's trying to solve what he has called a universal problem, a problem as old as time poop as sticky to the surfaces. So basically, you're saying like that poop sticks to a toilet bowls what you're saying yeah. When approve sees this surface stick on it here's the thing. Taxing isn't focused on this because he's an advocate for streak free toilets. If that getting all this sticky poop off the sides of the toilet takes water an areas, the world that use flushable toilets. It's a lot of water everyone, Fush Multiple Times every day, and each I takes about a couple of liters of water and if you multiply us to go population who have to this fresh

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