Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be television-only


Macy's parade is going to look a lot different. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is going to be macho different this year because of covert 19 mayor did build the Blasio yesterday announcing the iconic parade will be a virtual event this year because of the Corona virus. In a statement, Macy said this year the celebration will shift to a television on Lee Special presentation showcasing the Macy's parade. Signature mix of giant character, helium balloons, fantastic floats, street performers, clowns and heralding the arrival of the holiday season with the one and only Santa Claus pulling up the rear. The floats will be staged in midtown Manhattan's Herald Square and will be secured two vehicles instead of by participants holding ropes, tether ropes. Local musical performers will also take the place of Out of state marching bands this year, apparently with Macy's, adding that the total number of participants will be down some 75% from last year, and those who do participate will have to wear face masks as well as follow social distancing measures a social distancing parade. Three hour event usually draws about 3.5 million Spectators in New York City more than 50 million viewers on TV going to still be broadcast on NBC at 9 A.m. Eastern Time on Thanksgiving Day.

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