Speech Processing for Disease - Dr Ami Moyal, President, Afeka Tel Aviv College of Engineering


Center for Language Processing Quick Example was founded by eleven years ago after I spent fifteen years in the high tech industry as a research engineer vice-president technology, and CEO. Since then the centre has grown to be the largest research. Sentiment is bound helpless on Applied Research Field With project completed for the defense industry high companies, the medical field and more. Most recently, the language processing has been researching the use of speech processing, not sufficient diligence algorithms for providing a quicken, readily available three diagnostic assessment of Covid, nineteen infection we belden need for human intervention. When it comes to a rapidly spreading virus such as covid nineteen with millions of potential carriers Goud the global population. It is essential die identified like carry-ons virus at the early stages confection in order to private as testing efforts and break the chain of mission while it's great to hear there's just so much going on in Israel in the in the research failed, and specifically around language processing, you guys are really applying it to one of the most worthy and needed causes at the moment, the pre diagnosis of covid nineteen. Completely, understand the need to prioritize testing efforts. Tests are in short supply so you really do have to get to the right people i. I'm rendered. There was some talk around whether it was possible to use voice for the diagnosis of Kavita. This is a couple of months ago. Remember I'm on the on the what's that groups and things? I'm part of people were skeptical that it was actually possible. So tell us. Is it actually possible to use voice files, voice recording speech even coughs and non? Verbal. nonverbal recordings of of a human voice to be able to diagnose covid nineteen. That is precisely what our current research is into. After consulting with physicians specializing oratory disease and ear nose and throat, as well as with doctors conflict within coronavirus patients, we learned that among the earliest symptoms. So covid nineteen. Vocal the. And throat infection. These affect human localization patterns. We are modeling samples of speech coughing and breathing from both symptomatic and Azima the night to carry us to compare with models taken from healthy subjects. AUTOMO-. We are also modeling vocalisations subject the tested negative for covid nineteen yet are exhibiting similar symptoms shot such as those infected by the common flu. DC will a loaded the commodity who differentiate between someone who is likely a carrier and someone? Well. That makes perfect sense I mean obviously someone who is infected and is showing symptoms is going to sound different to someone who is isn't so I completely understand how you can train these machine learning models to recognize the difference I'm fascinated by the ability to be able to distinguish between different diseases though because I would imagine the you know if you have one type of disease or another, the reaction of your body would largely be the same the produce flam in the lungs which would come up in a fatal throw in different ways I'll be really really interested to know what the difference is. In how that sounds depending on the on which disease that you have

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