The CRUSADE Channel Newscast For September 15th 2020 - burst 3


The identification of the bodies at least ten people have died due to the fires in Oregon. Governor. Kate Brown said in a Monday news conference Andrew Phelps Director of the Office of Emergency Management said twenty two people remain missing. The number has dropped in recent days as people who fled. The fires have been located smoke was visible from Air Force One Monday. As president trump flew into northern, California for a briefing on the unrelenting wildfires burning across that state, their president's visit came as the death toll continues to rise the California fires have killed at least two dozen people since mid August also, Monday dangerously unhealthy air quality continued for many communities in the three states nearly sixteen thousand, five hundred firefighters battling wildfires statewide according to a Monday update from cal fire at least five thousand square miles of land have been scorched more than four thousand, two, hundred structures destroyed more than sixty thousand people have been forced to evacuate officials said a true death toll may not be known for days. Coming up our sainted the day. He was a Roman priest who was beaten to death with whips after refusing to sacrifice to the gods quoted the day my confidence is placed in God who does not need our help for accomplishing his designs are single endeavor should be to give ourselves to the work and to be faithful at him and not spoil his work by our shortcomings. Saint Isaac Jokes, you're listening to Crusade Channel

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