Charity benefit in New York City, Wall Street titans are in attendance Rod


In a deadly elevator accident in Allston 38 year old Carrie O'Connor was a fulltime lecture at Boston University Covert 19 now more problems in the school's a daycare worker in suburbs. Test positive for covert 19. No students came in contact with the individual. But two workers at Sudbury extended day were immediately sent home and the Celtics blow Game one of the Eastern Conference finals. First, the Miami Heat, squandering a few big leads. He win last night in overtime game to tomorrow night. I'm Drew Malala. W. R. K O the Voice of Boston and High Heart radio station. Before we get to that lightning. Can I just quickly comments on the Celtics last night share if you haven't seen it yet, the way that game ended. I know people think the LeBron block against the Warriors with something else that the blocked the end the Celtics game lives. I was the greatest block, I think in the history of the N B. A. It's It's I think that may be the single most impressive defensive play ever in the embassy is even better than birds steal birds was a little more significant is there's a game sticks. Game five. Game six.

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