Iowa State football trying to navigate the COVID-19 chaos


Home. NPR's Alison Edward is on a road trip to see several campuses a school year like no other begins. And today she is in Ames, Iowa, Iowa State, Despite all has begun its big 12 college football season. Elissa, thanks for being with us. Good morning. Kick off in a few hours, right? That's right. Yep, it's the opening game of the season. So the issue cyclones are set to play the Louisiana Raging Cajuns. The Spirit team and the marching band will be there. We caught them practicing laissez, all wearing masks. Of course, it won't be. Like other games. There's gonna be no fans in the stadium. Parking lots that are normally full of tailgaters before a game this morning. They're empty. Students told us they're planning on watching the game on TV, at bars, restaurants and in the dorms. Listen, there's been a surge of Corona virus cases in the state. What do we know about that? And the and the numbers, for example, even on the football team that will be playing today. Wait. So this does come at a time when Corona virus cases are among the highest in the nation here in Iowa, and they are testing the football team three times a week. At the end of August, they said. They had a 2.4% positivity rate. So of course, they have to keep that number low in order to play. But here on campus, they have reported they have a 20% positivity, right? And of course, they're not doing mass testing so that number could be much higher.

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